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How To Remove Negative Search Results


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Imfy.us offers only removal services.
Imfy.us is not a reputation management service. Our focus is exclusively the removal of harmful search results. We offer no ongoing reputation management services which typically include managing reviews, improving ratings, monitoring media mentions, devising social media strategies, etc. We are specialists in removals. In the past we performed search removals as a white label service for reputation management firms, so we know that removal from the search is what what most clients seek.

TNG/Earthling, Inc. is our parent company and has been providing enterprise level search related consultation since 2001 to a wide variety of clients and joint ventures, including reputation management firms, seo agencies, investment advisors, venture capital firms, law firms, and traditional ecommerce businesses. TNG/E has deep experience with an international clientele that has ranged from local businesses to public companies using diverse strategies ranging from online sales, affiliate marketing, and lead generation, all reliant on organic search traffic delivered via high ranks.

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We run Google searches on names and businesses all the time. It's an automatic response when a new person or company enters the conversation. This convenience enables potential employers, customers, and partners to easily avoid people and businesses with controversial backgrounds.

If there is negative information showing up on page 1 in Google's search results for your name or business, your reputation is harmed with every search.

It could be a bad review, a critical news item, a lawsuit, exposure of personal information, a legal notice, a harmful social media post, etc. But can you delete search results - specifically, can you delete Google results?

Unfortunately, negative results in a Google search cannot be deleted. And there are significant challenges to removing Google search results.

But their visibility can be significantly reduced.

If we push the problems to page 2.

Where they're out of view.

If you'd like to know if this technique can address your specific problem, fill out the form above. We'll send you more details, pricing and an evaluation of your situation.

But first read the rest of this post.



Man with ball and chain on ankleIs This Your Problem?

Your bad search results are alarmingly visible on Google's page 1.

The writer and/or publisher won't remove the content.

Google will not respond to your requests.

There is no effective legal remedy.

The reputation management service you hired was unsuccessful.

The problem is not going away.




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The fix involves the nontraditional deployment of search engine optimization.

SEO is used to improve a website's position in the search results.

Optimizing other sites to outrank the problem effectively pushes it down.

If 10 sites are optimized to outrank a problem result, it drops to page 2.

This is a legal and an ethical way to bury a negative search result.



The Strategy

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The principle behind this strategy is very simple. Overwhelm bad search results with better results. Here is how that is done:

Within Google's search results identify harmless web pages that rank below your problem. They can be social media pages - facebook, twitter, linkedin, or any other content holding a nearby rank. Optimize these to outrank the problem.

In some cases creating new pages may be part of the solution. If they don't already exist, open social media accounts and post content. We can also create new pages as stand alone sites, but it's much easier to move the ranks of a result that is already in the search results. New social media pages have an advantage in that they can rank quickly.

These harmless pages then become the targets of an seo campaign to make them outrank the problem.

[If you'd like information on how this is accomplished, fill in the form above. We'll send you more details, pricing and an evaluation of your situation.]



Janitor's cleaning cartWhat You Can Do

Sometimes you can change the search results with a little luck and effort. The negative content was written and published by individuals who may be responsive to your story. It does no harm to reach out to them. Some may even pick up the phone or respond to email or text messages. Offer to finance the content revision. Your effort could pay off.

Many find helpful suggestions from others in the Google forums. Google reps sometimes chime in so you can possibly provoke a useful response with your plea.

Contact the writer. Writers are often accessible via email or form. You are creating a hassle for this person just by reaching out, so be sensitive and aware that the writer may not be controlling the content.

Contact the publisher. There may be some instances where the issues created by the problem content warrant publisher review. There are definitely instances where a lawyer could provide a convincing argument for removal.

Ask for help in the Google forums. Many find helpful suggestions here. There are a couple of Google reps who regularly troll through the forums and you could get lucky if your post were able to provoke a useful response.

If you reside in the EU, Google may be required to remove the harmful result once notified. The "Right to be Forgotten" law requires Google to remove personal information upon request. In the US freedom of speech laws protect Google. Learn more here: European Right to be Forgotten vs US Freedom of Speech.



Security is a major concern. Especially when reputations are at stake. No client records are stored online. The risks associated with a public facing website require us to take precautions against revealing any potentially sensitive information to general queries.

If you would like more information fill out the form. We'll send you more details, pricing and an evaluation of your situation.




No client information will be revealed to anyone for any reason.




Concept  maze presentlng complications

Complications are the rule. A very simple one problem web page in one result for only one search term is a rare occurence in this realm. So while these complications below are listed separately, they may all be involved in any given case.

 - Problem exists across multiple publishers so the search displays a number of bad results on page 1.

 - There are multiple search terms that display negative results.

 - Negative results are posted on the websites of multiple major media organizations.

 - Someone is actively optimizing the negative content.


One huge factor impacting the ability to remedy is the strength of the ranking domains. An article on a large mainstream media website will have a much stronger search presence than one posted on most other sources. But while the ranks of news stories might be high, these ranks are typically weak and easy to overwhelm.

Often there are multiple unwanted results in the search. This would mean harmful content on more than one ranking web page. We may treat each as a separate problem. Doable with enough resources.

It's common for both a business and an individual to be impacted. These are 2 different problems, but the solutions are the same.

An angry party can post and then optimize the offending content, creating a potentially costly complication to a smooth removal.

A large number of complications may create an unsolvable situation because of the cost. But when the cost appears at first prohibitive, we suggest a triage effort that starts by removing only the most damaging results. Put the effort where the most traffic is. You want to know you're removing the bad result from being viewed by the majority of searches. That can help repair the reputation, prevent further damage, and cut the costs enough to become affordable.

The biggest complication is money. This is not a cheap service. There's a one time retainer fee of $2,500. The removals are billed according to a pre-arranged monthy fee based on the level of effort required. Complete the form to learn more.



Patience Required

Most of negative search results can be successfully addressed if you have the resources and the time. The technique described above takes 3 - 5 months before the full impact of the effort is known. We often see positive results after just a month, but the longer time frame is more realistic. This is because Google has to index the changes to all the sites - copy the content and other changes into their cache - before then gradually evaluating the changes and reordering the search results.

There is no quick fix.



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Good Luck!

If you've seriously read this page all the way to here, and have been stressed by what you're finding in Google searches, fill out the form to learn more about how we may be able to help. We'll send you more details, pricing and an evaluation of your situation.

Reason to be positive: Even if the problem results are held by powerful giants like The New York Times, Forbes, or any major outlet, we've been able to effectively bury those results by outranking them using pages from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and others sharing the search results with the problem. The removals achieved in this way are stable and long lasting.

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