About TNG/Earthling, Inc.


TNG/Earthling, Inc.has been providing enterprise level search related consultation to a wide variety of clients and joint ventures, including reputation management firms, seo agencies, investment advisors, venture capital firms, law firms, software developers, and traditional ecommerce businesses. Clients include an international clientele that has ranged from local businesses to public companies using diverse business models - online sales, affiliate marketing, lead generation, brand awareness  - all reliant on organic search traffic.

Motivated by a Google penalty in 2001, founder Bob Sakayama became an avid student of Google. His research involves experiments on live sites comparing the search impact of specific website attributes in controlled settings. The tests are designed to detect the triggers that influence the search results for both rank advancement and penalty recovery. This knowledge is then applied to improve the strategies used to advance the ranks of valuable keywords. Since 2005, he has been responsible for thousands of websites, most running Protocol, his original search optimized content management system (CMS) and commerce platform.

TNG/Earthling thrives without promotion - no corporate website, does zero marketing, no advertising, no press, and all work is confidential - but here are some windows into CEO Bob Sakayama's experience:

http://www.theastronomycafe.net : Bob Sakayama on Google penalties - the story of a needed remedy after a decade of SEOs gaming Google, enabled by a flaw in Google's original ranking algorithm. And the toxic aftermath of negative SEO.

http://www.dellsocialinnovationcompetition.com : Bob's February 2021 interview

https://www.forbes.com : Bob is cited in Forbes regarding his expertise mitigating Google penalties.

http://www.apostropheatrophy.com : Bob exposes a long running domain registration scam

http://www.jesusismagicthemovie.com/tools/tnge.html : Exposing Google's failures, some of which are legendary

http://www.p2themovie.com : Dealing with hackers and scammersis part of the job

https://www.tru1y.com/  :  A demo of Protocol, Bob's search optimized content management system

http://www.google-penalty.com/  :  This resource continues to assist a lot of penalized sites to recover from Google hell.

http://www.re1y.com/  :  Bob's original enterprise seo blog, a rare high level information source from the early days of seo.

https://www.imfy.us/  :  Until Congress passes legislation requiring Google to remove personal information upon request, this service can address the damage done by negative search results when all else fails